How Speed Cameras Work

How speed cameras work

There are several types of fixed position speed cameras used, including radar, laser, induction-loop and photo-based.

Radar and laser based cameras are typically mounted near the road and transmit a short range signal across the lanes monitored. Since this signal is transmitted across the road instead of down the road like with many handheld systems, detecting them in time is critical.

Another technology used is an induction loop system. This type of system utilizes wires buried just beneath the surface of the road to trigger a computer that calculates speed between the two points.

Photo based systems take two sets of pictures of all passing vehicles between two separate fixed locations. Both sets of photographs are date and time stamped, which enables the system to calculate average speed between the two locations.

Fixed speed cameras can also be set up to monitor one to four lanes of traffic in the same direction. To achieve this, a sensor is installed in each lane, and a wide angle camera lens is used to photograph the vehicle that is speeding.

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