How Red Light Camera Works

How red light camera works






If you have been caught by red light cameras, it is about time you learn how it works. Even if you’ve never been caught, it is good to understand how red light camera works.

How Red Light Camera Works

Red light cameras use three basic things: a camera, a device to trigger the camera and a computer.

An intersection may have more than one camera to monitor traffic from multiple directions. The trigger is typically a series of wires buried just beneath the surface of the road. These wires are separated by a pre-set distance to create a magnetic field or induction loop. Once a vehicle is in the intersection, the loop or circuit becomes closed and alerts the computer to take a picture.

In some states, tickets are issued to the car’s owner, no matter who’s actually driving. In this case, the red light camera only needs to photograph the vehicle’s rear license plate. In other states, the actual driver is responsible for paying the ticket. In this case, the system needs a second camera in front of the car to get a shot of the driver’s face.

Now that you have better understanding on how red light camera works, drive responsibly, don’t speed and obey the traffic lights at all time.

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