How Laser Works


If you are wondering how laser works, we have the answer for you in the article below.

How Laser Works

How Laser Works

Laser speed detection is actually light detection and ranging (LIDAR). Laser guns project a beam of invisible infrared light. The signal is a series of very short infrared light energy pulses that move in a straight line, reflecting off your car and returning to the gun. Laser uses these light pulses to measure the distance to a vehicle. Speed is then calculated by measuring how quickly these pulses are reflected, given the known speed of light.

Laser is a newer technology whose use is not as widespread as conventional radar; therefore, you may not encounter it on a daily basis. And unlike radar detection, laser is not prone to false alarms. Because laser transmits a much narrower beam than does radar, it is much more accurate in its ability to distinguish between targets and is also more difficult to detect. As a result, even the briefest laser alert should be taken seriously.

Note: When laser is detected, you need to act immediately and slow down.

There are limitations to laser, however. Laser is much more sensitive to weather conditions than radar, and a laser gun’s range will be decreased by anything affecting visibility, such as rain, fog or smoke. A laser gun cannot operate through glass, and it must be stationary to get an accurate reading. Because laser must have a clear line of sight and is subject to cosine error (an inaccuracy that increases as the angle between the gun and the vehicle increases), police typically use laser equipment parallel to the road or from an overpass. Laser can be used day or night.

Now that you have a better understanding on how laser works, our final advice is to drive with caution and if you hear any laser alert, SLOW DOWN IMMEDIATELY; this may save you from getting a ticket.

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