How GPS Works


How GPS Works

The Global positioning system (GPS) is developed by the U.S. military consisting of 24 orbiting satellites.

If you look at the sky, you may see some of these satellites. As a matter of fact, there are at least four satellites visible at any given time every day.

How GPS Works

If you own a GPS device, the GPS receiver will be able to locate and receive data from four of these satellites. These data include the distance to your location from each of the satellites. Once the distance from each satellite is known, the receiver will then calculate and pinpoint your exact location.

For radar detectors, the basic models will not have the GPS feature, while those with advance feature will have GPS.

There are many benefits of having a GPS radar detector like the advantage of knowing your exact location and the ability to mark or filter out false alerts. Most radar detectors with GPS also have database of speed and red light cameras so that you can be warned in advance before you approach the intersections or locations with speed and red light cameras.

Click Here to view list of radar detectors with GPS feature.

End of how GPS works.

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