Escort Passport Long Range Radar Detector






Escort Passport Long Range Radar Detector

The Escort Passport long range radar detector is the latest offering from Escort. As the name indicated, this radar detector is the best value in long-range warning against all radar guns, including SuperWide Ka-band, “instant-on” encounters and lasers.

Escort Passport Long Range Radar Detector




Escort Passport Long Range Radar Detector

Live Ready

Escort Passport Live Ready

The Escort Passport Long Range Radar Detector has built-in Bluetooth wireless technology to give you easy access to the award-winning mobile application Escort Live! To use this app, simply download the app from iTunes or Google Play and pair it with your Passport.

The Escort Live app expands your protection by providing instant alerts for active police and real-time speed traps reported by other drivers in the area. What this app does is to warn you of new and real threats as updated by other users; it is basically a community that you watch my back and I watch yours.

Escort Passport Long Range Radar Detector Review

In addition, should there be any major changes in the posted speed limit, you will be kep inform for ticket-free driving.

Editor’s Note: For details on how to select a radar detector, read about our Radar Detector Guide.

Defender Database

Escort Passport Defender Database


The Defender Database is a great database consisting of locations of speed traps, speed cameras and red light cameras across the nation. This database will be updated from time to time to provide you with the latest information.

As you approach these locations, you’ll be alerted beforehand of the danger / threat ahead so that you’ll be able to slow down and avoid getting a ticket.


Before downloading ESCORT Live, you must first register your PASSPORT device. Be sure to have your PASSPORT unit nearby, as you will need the serial number located on the bottom of the case.

For registration, goto

Upon registration, remember to write down the username and password you created, as you will need this information to access and download EscortT Live. (You will also receive an e-mail with this information, once you have registered your device.)

Downloading Escort Live 

To download the Escort Live app, goto iTunes App Store or Google play store on your smartphone and search for ESCORT Live radar!

Next follow the onscreen instructions to download and when prompted, enter the username and password you created when registering your Passport device.

Pairing Your Smartphone 

To pair your Smartphone with Passport, follow the following steps:

  1. Ensure Passport power is on.
  2. On your Smartphone go to Bluetooth Settings.
  3. Ensure Bluetooth is on.
  4. Press Scan for devices and/or wait for the device list to populate, PassportT should appear under devices.
  1. Tap Passport to pair the device to your phone.
  2. Bluetooth icon on the Passport display screen will appear blue when paired to the phone.

7.  Open the app, walk through the tutorial, and you’re ready to hit the road!

Software Update

Escort Passport Long Range Radar Detector Best Price


The Escort Passport Long Range Radar Detector is easily updated using the exclusive

detector software tools found on Escort web site. Firmware, or the operating software for the detector, can be updated using these tools.

In order to have access to these updates, please register your Passport first at Once registered, you will receive email notifications that updates are now available for your firmware. To handle your software you need to connect your Passport to a computer first. You can connect Passport to a computer via USB A / Mini B cable (not included)

Speed Display & Cruise Alert

When the Passport Long Range Radar Detector is connected to Escort Live, your current vehicle speed will be displayed. Also, under Cruise Alert, you’ll be able to change your alert sound when driving below a certain speed (the default setting is 20 mph). When driving below this set speed, you’ll hear a simple double-beep alert.

Marked Locations

With the Marked Locations feature, you’ll be able to mark a location for false alarms and when you approach the same location in future, the false alarm will be filtered out, giving you a quiet drive. However, if new signal is detected over these Marked Locations, you’ll be alerted to such new threats.

NOTE: When a location is marked the first time, you must travel at least 1 mile away from that location to receive an alert when you return to the area. You also have the option to unmark these locations.

Escort Passport Long Range Radar Detector – Traffic Sensor Rejection (TSR)


The Passport includes the proprietary Traffic Sensor Rejection (TSR) software to eliminate false alerts. This is a great feature as many radar detectors on the market is unable to identify such signals and produce many unwanted and annoying false alarms.

New Multi Color OLED Display

OLED Display

The new multi-color OLED display of this device is simply stunning. This radar detector is now equipped with brilliant new graphics illuminate intuitive icons that identify the type of threat at a glance. This is a great improvement as you’ll have a better view on the signal being detected.

In addition, user-selectable backlit colors allow you to choose a color that works best with your vehicle’s interior gauges. Please note that all displays using speed limit data are connected to Escort Live!.

Brightness Control (BRT)

You can manually set the brightness of the display by pressing the BRT button. There are 5 levels of brightness you can set:-

  • Auto – Automatically adjust brightness (Default factory setting)
  • Dark – Dark mode (Only voice alert will be heard)
  • Minimum brightness
  • Medium brightness
  • Maximum brightness

Signal-Strength Meter 


Whenever a signal is detected, the signal strength will show the strength of the signal and there are 3 different settings the signal strength can be displayed:-

Standard – Under this mode, you’ll only see a single radar signal. The signal can be X, K, Ka or laser and the bar graph will indicate the strength of the signal.

SpecDisplay – This display mode is only for the advanced users. Under this mode, the device will display the actual numeric radar frequency. If you are not familiar with the actual frequency, my advice is to stick to the standard mode.

ExpertMeter – This is also for advanced users only and under this mode, you can track up to 4 radar signals (X, K, Ka and X band) simultaneously. When set to this mode, you will be able to spot a change in your normal driving environment i.e. new radar being detected which is normally not there.

Sensitivity Control / Radar Sensitivity (SEN) 

The Passport Long Range Radar Detector allows you to control the sensitivity of the radar detector under three modes – Highway, Auto and Auto No X.

For day-to-day usage, it is recommended to use the Auto mode. Under this mode, the device will analyze all incoming signals and will intelligently adjust the sensitivity circuits, hence giving you long-range warning and minimum false alerts.

If you are travelling on highway, it is best to switch to Highway mode. Under this mode, the radar detecting range for all range is the max.

For the Auto No X mode, it is something like the Auto mode minus the X band.

Note: Do not use this mode unless you are absolutely clear that no X-band radar guns are use in your area.

Over Speed Alert

You can set the over speed alert on the Passport. Once this is set and when you travel above the set limit, a display will be shown. This is a great feature as it helps to check your speed and help you to drive safely.

Alert Tone

The standard alert tone for the Escort Passport Long Range Radar Detector is the Geiger counter-type sound which indicates the strength and type of the signal detected. As you approach the source or the signal, the alert volume will increase and then slowly fade away as you drive further away from the source. Do take note that different signal will have different distinct tone:-

  • X band = beep tone
  • K band = brap tone
  • Ka band = double-brap tone
  • Laser = solid brap tone
  • Pop = solid brap tone

Besides the normal standard alert tone, you can also set the alert tone to Mild mode. Under this mode, what you’ll hear is a softer and simpler alert tone compared to the standard tone.

You can adjust the volume of the Passport by simply pressing and holding the Volume + or -.

Escort Passport Long Range Radar Detector

Clear Voice Alert

The Passport’s unique voice alerts provide clear communications for alerts and menu options. With this feature, you can now keep your eyes on the road without unnecessary distractions. (Language : English / Spanish). You also have the option to turn the voice on or off. 


When the alert tone is heard, you can manually mute it by pressing the Mute button. Once the radar has passed, the device will be back to its normal setting and the alert tone will come on once new signal is detected.

Besides pressing the Mute button, you can also Mute the alert tone by pressing the Mute button on the SmartCord.


The AutoMute feature will automatically reduce the volume of the alert tone to a preset level, seconds after a signal has been detected. This is great as it will help to keep the alert tone to a bearable level. You also have the option to turn the AutoMute off but my personal advice is to stick to the AutoMute setting.


The SmartCord is has certain functions which can be conveniently operated by just pressing a few buttons.

Instead of reaching your hand to press the mute button, you have the option to press the mute button located on the SmartCord. To lock out a false alarm, just press the mute button 3 times and you can also unlock by pressing the same button twice.

The SmartCord also has an alert light which will be on once any signal is detected. It also has a power light indicator which will be on once the unit is powered on.

Restoring Factory Setting 

There may be time when you want to set the Passport to its original settings. This is to clear out any marked or locked-out locations and also for the Defender databse.

To reset to default setting, simply, press and hold the SEN and BRT buttons while powering on the detector. A “Restored” message will display, acknowledging the reset.


When mounting the radar detector, the best place will be center of windshield between driver and passenger and place it high enough for maximum detection. You need to ensure clear view of road ahead and sky above for best detection and avoid placing the unit under windshield wipers and heavily tinted areas.


1.3″ H x 3.2″ W x 5.3″ L

What’s in the Box

The Passport comes complete with a quick-release windshield mount, coiled SmartCord, quick reference guide, and an ESCORT travel case.

Escort Passport Long Range Radar Detector – Customer Review 

At the time of this writing, the rating for this device is 4.0 out of 5 stars. As this is still a new on the market, not many reviews are done.

Is Radar Detector Legal?

Radar detectors are completely legal to use in non-commercial vehicles in 49 states. Virginia and Washington D.C. are the only places in the United States that currently ban radar detectors. Radar detector use in commercial vehicles has been prohibited in the U.S. since 1995 and radar detectors are also illegal in most Canadian provinces.


  • Long range detection
  • Built-in bluetooth technology for access to Escort Live app for real time warning / protection
  • Defender database of red light and speed cameras and speed traps
  • New multi color OLED display
  • Marked location to filter out false alarms
  • AutoSensitivity to filter out false alarms
  • ExpertMeter to track 4 signals simultaneously
  • Overspeed alert
  • Traffic sensor rejection (TSR)
  • One year warranty


  • No AutoLearn feature to filter out false alerts automatically
  • Can be detected by radar detector detectors used by the law enforcement officer
  • The Escort Live free subscription is only for a year. Will need to pay after that.
  • No GPS and have to rely on the Escort Live app which can drain your phone’s battery quickly. 


If you are looking for a powerful radar detector with long range detection, the answer lies with the Escort Passport Long Range Detector.

With its long range detection, live information on the latest threat, new OLED display, ability to filter out false alarms and many other features, the Passport is truly your friend on the road.

However, despite its many great features, the Passport’s many features rely solely on the Escort Live app on your handphone. Without this app, many of its great features cannot work; this is not the type of radar detector that you can just leave it there and forget about it unlike the Max2. Additionally, operating the app all the time on your phone can drain the battery very quickly.

If your normal driving environment is hilly and curvy, the Passport may have limitation as the range will be limited. The best radar detector to drive under such environment is the Escort Redline. If most of your driving condition is flat like the most of U.S, the Passport will be a good choice.

If you are looking for radar detector with advance GPS function, check out the Whistler CR90 and the Passport 9500ix. For the ultimate radar detector, go for the Passport Max2.

The radar detector is not a passport to drive dangerously and endanger the lives of others. If you are speeding and a police patrol car is following you, you’ll get a ticket.

Always think of your radar detector purchase as a form of investment. With just a couple saves from the law enforcement officer, all your investment will be paid for.

End of Escort Passport Long Range Radar Detector.

Follow the link below to get the current price:-

Escort Passport Long Range Radar Detector




Escort Passport Long Range Radar Detector features

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