Escort iX Radar Detector Review




Escort iX Radar Detector Review






In this Escort iX radar detector review, we’ll checking one of the coolest long range radar detector currently available in the market.




Escort iX Radar Detector Review – Escort Live

The Escort iX is an advance radar detector with GPS location-based intelligence. With this GPS feature, you’ll now have access to 2 of the most powerful features for any radar detector – Escort Live and the Defender Database.

The Escort Live app is an award-winning mobile app which enables you to interact with other road users and share information to alert each other.

For example, new law enforcement locations may be picked up by other users and this is shared in the Escort Live app and hence alerting you on new threats. Additionally, if there is any change in the posted speed limit, you’ll also be notified as well.

Do take note that before downloading Escort Live you must first register your Escort iX. Be sure to have your Escort iX nearby, as you will need the serial number. You also need to write down the username and password you create, as you will need this information to access and download Escort Live.

Defender Database

With the Defender Database being made available to all Escort iX owners, you’ll have access to virtually all the red light and speed cameras across U.S. What this mean is that, your chance of getting a ticket from red light or speed camera is virtually near to zero.

Besides the Defender Database, you can also add your own hot spots” by utilizing the Mark Location features. With this feature, you can mark a location with threat and once this is done, you’ll be alerted when you approach these locations.

Do take note that weekly updates are available via the Escort website to keep you up-to-date with the latest changes in North America. So if you have the time, do update it at least once a month.

Note: When a location is marked the first time, you must travel at least 1 mile away from that location to receive an alert when you return to the area. To unmark a location, touch the MRK button when you are receiving a marked-location alert. The display will read “Unmark?” Touch the MRK button again to confirm. The display will read “Unmarked!

Escort iX Radar Detector Review – Settings & Preferences


The AutoPower features will automatically turn off the Escort iX radar detector after a set period of time. For those with constant-power ignition, the will be a very useful features.

Note: If AutoPower is on, to save screen life the display screen goes blank after 30 minutes without moving. Display screen will turn on automatically after you reach 10MPH.


Adjusting the volume is easy by simply pressing and hold + or – to reach your desire volume.


This button will enables you to silence the audio during an alert; a great feature to cut the alert tone which some may find irritating.


The AutoMute feature automatically reduces the volume to your desired level once a radar has been detected. This keeps you informed without the annoyance of a continuous full-volume alert.


If AutoMute has already reduced the volume for one alert and a higher-priority band is detected, Escort iX will sound an alert at your set volume for the second band before adjusting the volume back down to the AutoMute level

Display Color

The Escort iX screen can be displayed with blue, green, red or amber accents to match the dashboard lighting of various vehicles. This feature will enables you to set the screen display to your favorite color.

Display Brightness

The brightness level is automatically adjusted to suit ambient lighting conditions in your car. If you prefer, you can press the BRT button to set a fixed brightness level – Auto, Dark, Minimum, Medium and Maximum

Note: If the brightness is set to Dark mode, the display will not provide any indication that it is on. Therefore, only audible alerts will notify you of detected signals.

We now continue the Escort iX radar detector review with other features

Speed Display

The Escort iX will display your current speed just to the right of the Over-Speed Alert setting (or posted speed limit for your current location, if connected to Escort Live). If you prefer, you can turn off this feature.

Radar Sensitivity

The SEN button on Escort iX allows you to select your preferred radar sensitivity: Highway, Auto, Auto No X, or Auto Lo K. In general, Escort recommends Auto for everyday driving.

TrueLock/Locking Out False Alerts

The Escort iX is equipped with a TrueLock GPS Filter to lock out and store in its memory false alerts. To use this feature, simply press the MUTE button on the detector or the SmartCord USB three times during an alert. Pressing the first time will silence the audio while pressing a second time will generate a prompt on the display that will read “Lockout?” Press again a third time to confirm you want to lock this signal out by location and frequency. A“Stored” message will be displayed. Once a signal has been stored, Escort iX will reject the signal the next time you approach this area and will display the locked-out alert.


This feature enables Escort iX to analyze (over time) the source of radar signals by location and frequency. Once the signal is determined to be false, it automatically locks out this source at this particular location. If you prefer, you can turn the AutoLearn feature off.

Note: AutoLearn typically needs to encounter the exact frequency in the same location approximately three times to lock it out. Since some door openers are turned on and off routinely, some variations may occur. When AutoLearn is on, Escort iX will also unlearn signals to protect you from locking out real threats. If a particular signal is no longer present at a location that was previously locked out, Escort iX will unlock that signal.

Over-Speed Alert

With Escort iX, you can set the Over-Speed Alert to notify you when you are traveling over a speci¬ed speed (factory default is 70 mph). When you travel above the speed threshold you have set, the background display for your current speed will turn red to alert you that you have exceeded the set speed.




Alert Tones


The factory default for alert tones is the Escort Standard mode, in which Escort iX uses a Geiger counter-type sound to indicate the signal strength and type of radar signal being encountered.

When you encounter radar, a distinct audible alert will sound and will increase as the signal gets stronger. This allows you to judge the distance from the signal source without taking your eyes o of the road. Each band has a distinct tone for easy identification:

X band = beep tone
K band = brap tone
Ka band = double-brap tone
Laser = solid brap tone
Pop = solid brap tone

Signal-Strength Meter




Escort iX ofers four different settings for displaying alerts –


Interpreting Alerts

Although Escort iX has a comprehensive warning system, only experience will teach you what to expect.

The specifi¬c type of radar being used, the type of transmission (continuous or instant-on) and the location of the radar source affect the alerts you receive. The following examples will give you an introduction to understanding your detector’s warning system for radar and laser alerts.

Click to enlarge image











Mounting Tips

The best place to mount your radar detector is the center of vehicle on windshield between driver and passenger. You also need to ensure that nothing is blocking the GPS signal and ensure clear view of road ahead. Do avoid mounting behind windshied wipers and heavily tinted areas as this can affect the effectiveness of the radar detector.

What’s in the range?

If you are wondering what’s the range the Escort iX can detect, check out the following:-

Red light cameras: 250 ft or 10 seconds
• Red light & speed cameras: 250 ft or 10 seconds
• Speed cameras: 500 ft when traveling below 55
mph; 1,000 ft when traveling above 55 mph
• Speed traps: 0.3 mi or approximately 1,584 ft
• Other: 500 ft when traveling below 55 mph;
1,000 ft when traveling above 55 mph

Is it Legal?

Radar detectors are completely legal to use in non-commercial vehicles in 49 states. Virginia and Washington D.C. are the only places in the United States that currently ban radar detectors. Radar detector use in commercial vehicles has been prohibited in the U.S. since 1995 and radar detectors are also illegal in most Canadian provinces.

Escort iX Radar Detector Review – Customer Review

At the time of this writing, the rating for the Escort iX is 4.3 out of 5 stars; a pretty good rating as most of the ratings are in the range between 4 and 5 stars.


• Maximum range
• Easy usage right out of the box
• Defense database
• Escort Live network
• GPS lockout / Marked locations
• AutoLearn
• Integrated Bluetooth
• Speed limit alert
• Sensitivity control
• Multi-Color OLED Display
• SmartCord for easy access
• One year warranty


• No stealth mode. Can be detected by Radar Detector Detectors
• Learning curve and time to learn all the features
• Need to pay for Defender database subscription
• Escort Live will drain your phone’s battery
• High price


For the ultimate radar detector, the Escort iX long range radar detector will be your answer. It has great features i.e. Escort Live app for sharing alerts, Defender Database for the location of all red light and speed cameras, AutoLearn and other great features.

However do take note that because of all these excellent features, the radar detector also comes with high price. If you can afford it, I’ll say go for it, if not, do consider other alternatives Escort Max II or Escort Passport 9500iX which are equally good.

End of Escort iX Radar Detector review.

Follow the link below to get the current price:-





Escort iX Review

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