Cobra XRS 9745 Review | Cobra XRS 9745 Radar Laser Detector Review




If you want protection against law enforcement while driving, the XRS 9745 is more that adequate in doing the job. With Xtreme Range, the ability to detect 15 radar/laser bands and Superheterodyne Technology, you’ll be warned well in advance to all the signals used by law enforcement agency in the US and Canada.

In this Cobra XRS 9745 review, we’ll be looking at the different features that make this detector so popular an also at it pros and cons as well.

Cobra XRS 9745 review





Cobra XRS 9745 Review

Cobra XRS 9745 radar laser detector review

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System Ready Prompt 

Whenever you power-on, the Cobra XRS 9745 will run through a self-test and will notify you once it is completed.

Smart Power 

Under the Smart Power feature, the XRS 9745 will shut off the power automatically when ignition is turned off. This function will help to save your car’s battery. 

Detects Radar and Laser Signals

The Cora XRS 9745 is able to detect a total 13 types of signals from radar to laser. The radar signals that can be detected are: X band, K band, Ka, Ku, VG-2, Spectre I and IV+. As for the laser signals that can be detected, it is: LTI 20-20, LTI 20-20, Ultra Lyte, ProLaser, ProLaser III, Stalker LIDAR and Speedlaser. The XRS 9745 also has the ability to detect safety alerts and strobe alerts from emergency vehicles.

With the LaserEye on the device, the XRS 9745 is able to detect signals on 360 degree including signals from front and rear of the vehicle. As for the range, it will depend on the signal it detects; the normal range will be 1 to 1.5 mile which is sufficient for you to react.

However, if you are driving near curves and hills, the range will be reduced significantly as the signal is blocked. Initial signal from police on these locations may be weak but may suddenly become very strong as you are drive closer to the curves or hills; under such scenario, you have to react immediately to avoid getting a ticket. On the other hand, the range for POP and laser is also very short because of the nature of such signal and you need to be on full alert when hearings such signals.

Spectre I/IV+ Undetectable / Stealth Mode 

The Cobra XRS 9745 cannot be detected by the RDDs (radar detector detectors) under Spectre I and IV+ and hence the law enforcement officer will not know that you’re having a radar detector onboard.

Note: For details on how to select a radar detector, read about our Radar Detector Guide.

Voice / Tone Alert

Once a signal has been detected, the Cobra XRS 9745 will activate voice / tone to alert you. You can also adjust the volume to your likeness.

Auxiliary Audio Jack 

You can connect the XRS 9745 to an external speaker and if this is done, the internal speaker will be cut off. Make sure that you do not set the volume too high on external speaker as you may get a “shock” when a signal is detected.

DigiView Data Display Brightness

Cobra XRS 9745 radar detector reviews

With alpha/numeric dot matrix text display, you can easily recognize the display on the XRS 9745. The 5-level digital signal strength meter will also let you know how close you are to the source.

You can also set the brightness of the display to Bright display mode and 3 Dim settings – Dim (for dusk driving), Dimmer (for night driving) and Dark (no visual alert).

IntelliShield Highway / City Modes 

Under the Highway mode, the detection range will be set to maximum while under the City mode, the detection range will be shorter to reduce the frequency of false alerts. There are three levels of settings under the City mode – City X, City X Beep and City X+K.

Under the City X setting, single beep will be heard once any X-band is detected. For the City X Beep Off mode, no X-band alert will be heard until the signal strength reaches Level 3. The City X+K mode combines the City X mode with prevention of K band audio alerts until the signal strength reaches Level 2. Setting the right City mode will greatly reduce the falser alarms you hear when driving around urban areas that is filled with common signals i.e. automatic door openers and microwave towers.

The default setting is Highway mode while the default City mode is City X.

Cobra XRS 9745 Review – AutoMute & Manual Mute

Once any signal is detected and the alert tone is triggered, the AutoMute feature will automatically lower the alert volume after 4 seconds.

If you want to completely mute the alert sound, just reach out to press the Mute button. However, keep in mind that reaching for the Mute button may cause you to lose control of your vehicle; be extra careful when doing this. If you press the Mute button again, the alert tone will be heard again provided the signal is still being detected.


The IntelliMute feature is a relative-speed-sensing auto mute system that can greatly reduce false alerts; by sensing the engine’s RPMs, the Cobra XRS 9745 will decide if the alert tone needs to be triggered. For example, when you are driving at low speed, all alerts will be muted as the device is able to sense your engine’s RPMs and hence giving you less “noise pollution.”

You need to set the activation point for your engine’s revs before the IntelliMute can work. Once this is set, anything below that activation point will be muted. The default setting is IntelliMute Off.

Do take note that if the XRS 9745 cannot detect the revs of your engine, the IntelliMute will not work. Under such scenario, you’ll need to rely on the AutoMute or manually mute the alert tone. If you are using it on other vehicle, you’ll need to reset the activation point.

IntelliMute will be able to work with all City and AutoMute modes. When the Cobra XRS 9745 sense the revs below the activation point, a downward arrow will be shown and when the revs go above the activation point, the arrow will point upward.

Note: It is advisable to set the activation point slightly higher i.e. 300 to 600 RPMs above idle. The activation point can be reset at any time and make sure that it is in-line with your driving characteristics.

IntelliMute Pro

IntelliMute Pro prevents detection by radar detector detectors (RDDs) such as VG-2, Spectre I and Spectre IV+ when traveling at slower speeds. It is intended for use by experienced users only.

When IntelliMute Pro is turned On, and engine RPMs are below the IntelliMute activation point, your detector’s radar detection circuits are turned Off  to prevent detection by RDDs.

Before IntelliMute Pro can be turned On, you must have turned On and Set the IntelliMute activation point. 

8-Point Electronic Compass

XRS 9745 reviewThe internal 8 point electronic compass in the Cobra XRS 9745 will display your current direction you are heading.

Before using the compass, you need to calibrate the compass accurately. Failing to do so may prevent the compass from pointing to the right direction.

If the XRS 9745 is removed from the vehicle and placed in new one, you’ll need to recalibrate the compass again; also, the compass may not work temporarily if you are inside a building or in a close environment; the existence of large metal tractor/trailer or train may also cause the compass to stop working temporarily.

What Happens When a Signal is Detected? 

So what happen when a signal is detected? It can be either a radar or laser signal.

When a signal is detected, the first thing you’ll hear is the alert tone. Different signals will produce different alert tone.

For radar signals like X, K, Ka and Ku band, the alert tone will be faster when you are near the signal source. As you move further from the source, the alert tone will slowly fade away.

In the mean time, visual display will show the types of signals detected and the vertical bars will show the strength of the signal detected.

Initially you may not be able to differentiate the different alert tones; however, overtime, once you are used to it, you’ll be to know which types of signal is detected and take appropriate action. My advice is regardless of any alert tone, once you hear it, take immediate action and slow down.

EasySet Programming Menu 

With the EasySet programming, all user mode settings on the Cobra XRS 9745 can be changed. Do take note that during an alert, you’ll not be able to enter the Program mode and once all setting is changed, it will be stored in memory. During programming, if no buttons are pushed for ten seconds, the unit will automatically exit Program mode and save the last settings.

You can also reset everything back to its factory setting.


You can install the Cobra XRS 9745 either on windshield or dashboard. I think installing on the windshield will be better as modern cars do not really have flat dashboard.

Place the detector on the center of the vehicle and as low as possible on the windshield. Make sure that nothing is blocking the LaserEye to allow all round detection. You may want to consider getting an extra suction cups just in case the one you are using can’t be used anymore.


The Cobra XRS 9745 measures 1.5 in. x 3.2 in. x 4.9 in which is slightly longer compared to other radar detectors. It weighs 6.4 ounce which is also slightly heavier than other detectors.

What’s in a Box?

XRS 9745 Detector Unit, Coiled 12V DC Power Cord, Windshield Mounting Bracker with suction cups, Instruction manual

Is Radar/Laser Detector Legal?.

It is no longer against federal law to receive radar transmissions with your detector. The Communications Act of 1924 guarantees your right to receive radio transmission on any frequency. Local laws that contravene the Act, while illegal, may be enforced by your local law enforcement officials until and unless they are prohibited from doing so by federal court action.

Theft Alert 

To prevent anyone from breaking into your car and steal the radar detector, it is best to remove it when you park your vehicle and conceal it with something.

Cobra XRS 9745 Review – Customer Review

At the time of this writing, the rating for Cobra XRS 9745 is 3.8 out of 5 stars which is quite a good rating. Many customers give good comments about this detector as they’ve been saved numerous times by it.

The major complain about the Cobra XRS 9745 is the false alerts you get especially when driving in densely populated area. This is not really a problem for me as I set the City Mode to eliminate the X band. Additionally, I’ve also learned to know the places with false alarms so I’ll just ignore those false alarms.


  • Clear alert
  • Durable
  • Easy to mount
  • Good sensitivity
  • Long range detection
  • 360 degree LaserEye
  • Excellent display and audio capability
  • Compass readings on display
  • Spectre I & IV detection
  • EZ programming feature
  • 1 year warranty


  • Bulky size
  • Many false alerts in the city
  • The display can be tough to see in daylight at times
  • Works okay, but not a good latch and on a bumpy road it bounces right off the bracket
  • No GPS function
  • No database on red light and speed cameras


With good range to detect radar and signals, 360 degree LaserEye, the ability to reduce false alarms in urban areas with Highway mode and three levels of City mode settings and the ability to stay undetected by law enforcement officer, the Cobra XRS 9745 is more than adequate to keep you safe from getting speeding tickets. Just a couple of saves and the unit is paid for by itself.

If you’ve limited budget, I will say this is not a bad choice. However, if you want a better option, go for the Escort Passport 8500 x50 or for radar detector with GPS, check out the Escort Passport 9500ix. If you are really serious about radar detector, the very impressive Escort Passport Max2 will be the ultimate choice.

Remember, having a radar detector in your car is not a license to speed and drive dangerously. For those looking to remain safe, and push the speed limit from time to time, the Cobra XRS 9745 is a worthwhile investment that will pay for itself in the long term.

End of Cobra XRS 9745 review.

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Cobra 9745 review





4 comments to Cobra XRS 9745 Review | Cobra XRS 9745 Radar Laser Detector Review

  • What means when the Cobra XRS 9745 alarms POP ?

    What means when the Cobra XRS 9745 alarms SPECTRE ?

    Best regards,

    Alexandre Santos

    • mglee2010

      POP works something like laser and it can instantly know your car’s speed.

      For the spectre, it is actually the ability to detect the presence of radar detector detectors. If radar detector is not legal in your area, this will be good as it helps you to know the cops are using their device to detect speeding vehicles.

      • Forgive me but i did not understand the POP explanation.
        Could you kindly explain to me again what does POP means ?
        About SPECTRE I did not notice police presence when radar alarmed.
        Could be false alarm ?
        Thank You.

        • mglee2010

          Just think of POP like the laser. If you did not notice the police presence, may be they are using other signal, hence you can’t detect it. Anyway, my advice is to get a good and quality radar detector like those form Escort.

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