Cobra XRS 9670 Review


If you want total protection and peace of mind while driving, check out the Cobra XRS 9670 review below and learn about this radar detector’s features, pros and cons and our verdict on this device.

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Cobra XRS 9670 Review

Radar & Laser Detection

The Cobra XRS 9670 provides total protection and peace of mind with Xtreme Range Superheterodyne Technology, detecting all 15 radar/laser bands with its completely new super-fast lock-on detection circuitry. The unit provides extra detection range and the best possible advance warning to even the fastest of POP mode radar guns. Other features include DigiView Text Display, an 8-point electronic compass, and much more.

Spectre I and VG-2 Undetectable

This detector is undetectable by police Spectre 1 and VG-2 radar detector detectors, and will alert you when such a device is in use near your vehicle.

During the alert, the unit continues to detect other signals. You can choose whether or not you want your unit to show VG-2 Alerts. With VG-2 Detect mode On, you can also choose whether or not you want your unit to sound audible VG-2 Alerts. The factory settings are VG-2 Detect Off and VG-2 Detect Audio Off.

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15-Band Detection

The XRS 9670 offers detection of 7 radar, 6 laser and 2 safety signals. Radar signals include X Band, K Band, Ka Superwide, Ku Band, VG-2, Spectre I and Spectre IV+. Laser signals include LTI 20-20, Ultra Lyte, ProLaser, ProLaser III, Stalker LIDAR and Speedlaser. Safety signals include Safety Alert and Strobe Alert. With all these signals detection, you are well covered as all cops in the U.S are using such signals to check vehicle speed.

Spectre Alert I/IV+

Police use radar detector detectors (RDDs) to spot users of radar detectors. Your detector is able to identify signals from Spectre I and Spectre IV+ RDDs and can provide alerts when any of these or similar devices are in use near your vehicle.

Your detector can be spotted by Spectre IV+ RDDs, but is invisible to Spectre I RDDs. You can choose whether or not you want your unit to show Spectre Alerts. With Spectre Detect mode On, you can also choose whether or not you want your unit to sound audible Spectre Alerts. The factory settings are Spectre Detect Off, Spectre Audio Off.

IntelliMute Pro

This is basically a speed sensing auto shutdown feature that will render your detector undetectable by currently available radar detector-detectors.

DigiView Data Display

Cobra XRS 9670 Radar Detector

The XRS 9670 features a brilliant display that provides easy recognition of band detected using an easily recognizable digital text display. Relative proximity to the target is diplayed using 5-level digital signal strength meter.

The XRS 9670 detector also feature a Bright display mode (for daytime driving) and three levels of Dim display modes (Dim for dusk driving, Dimmer for night driving and Dark where no visual alerts will be displayed) to control the display’s brightness levels. The factory setting is Bright. The factory Dim mode default setting is Dimmer.


Detect the Latest Radar Guns

Cobra XRS 9670 Radar Detector Review


The Cobra XRS 9670 is able to detect the  POP Mode Radar Gun (Super-fast Instant-On Mode), along with the Ku Band Radar Gun currently being used in Europe. Be prepared for future introduction in the U.S.

Strobe Alert

This is actually a Cobra exclusive. Strobe Alert works with tens of thousands of emergency vehicles currently equipped with traffic light controlling strobe emitters and provide advance warning of the presence and/or approach of emergency vehicles.

Safety Alert

With Safety Alert Traffic Warning System support, the XRS 9670 warns drivers of the presence and/or approaching emergency vehicles, railroad crossing, and road hazard locations equipped with Cobra’s exclusive Safety Alert transmitters.

Auto Mute and IntelliMute Convenience

The Cobra XRS 9670 allows you to quickly turn Off an Audio Alert by momentarily pressing the Program/Mute button. If you press the Program/Mute button a second time during the Alert, the Audio Alert will be turned back On.

On the other hand, the Auto Mute feature will automatically reduce the audio volume of all alerts after four seconds for as long as the signal is detected–you’ve already heard it, no need to keep hearing it. The factory setting for Auto Mute is On.

The Auxiliary Audio Jack can be used to connect an external speaker in environments with high ambient noise levels. The internal speaker will be disconnected.

IntelliMute is a unique new feature that allows you to avoid alerts you don’t need to hear because you are stopped or moving slowly. By sensing the “revs” (RPMs) of your engine, IntelliMute knows when you are at low speed and automatically mutes alerts (except for strobe signals from emergency vehicles).

Before IntelliMute will work, you must set an activation point for your engine’s revs. Whenever the revs are below that point, IntelliMute will begin muting. The activation point will be stored in memory and recalled each time the power is turned On. IntelliMute is On. The factory setting is IntelliMute Off.

Note: IntelliMute may not work with some vehicles because it cannot sense the engine’s revs. In such cases, you can reduce unwanted audio alerts by using Auto Mute and City mode when appropriate.

Cobra Electronics XRS 9670 15 band radar laser detector




IntelliMute Pro

IntelliMute Pro prevents detection by radar detector detectors (RDDs) such as VG-2, Spectre I and Spectre IV+ when traveling at slower speeds. It is intended for use by experienced users only.

When IntelliMute Pro is turned On, and engine RPMs are below the IntelliMute activation point, your detector’s radar detection circuits are turned Off to prevent detection by RDDs. Before IntelliMute Pro can be turned On, you must have turned On and Set the IntelliMute activation point.

IntelliShield False Signal Rejection

The XRS 9670 is equipped with 3-Level City Mode and offers the best false signal rejection in both urban and rural areas.

Cobra XRS 9670 Review – SmartPower


Radar Cobra XR 9670

The XRS 9670 includes the SmartPower feature that, when activated, will put the unit into Standby mode (low power) for about 30 minutes after the car’s engine has been turned Off. After 30 minutes in Standby mode, the unit will automatically turn Off.

Before SmartPower enters Standby mode, you will hear one beep and Pwr Save will appear on the display. To return the unit to normal Power mode or exit Standby mode, start the car, press any button or turn the unit Off and then On again. The factory setting is SmartPower On.

City/Highway Modes

The user can select between City and Highway operating modes, reducing the frequency of falsing in densely polulated urban areas.

The XRS 9670 is equipped with IntelliShield false signal rejection technology which consists of a Highway mode and three different levels of City modes:

City X, City X Beep Off and City X+K.

City X mode sounds a single beep when the signal is first detected. City X Beep Off mode prevents all X band audio alerts until the signal strength reaches Level 3. City X+K mode combines the City X mode with prevention of K band audio alerts until the signal strength reads Level 2. This will reduce false alerts while you are driving in or near urban areas where there are many sources for conflicting X or K band signals such as microwave towers and automatic door openers. The factory setting is Highway. The factory City mode default setting is City X.

Dim Mode

Under this mode, users can dim the radar detector display to enhance night driving visibility.

Stay Set Electronic Memory

The Cobra XRS 9670 will electronically remembers radar detector settings for an indefinite period of time even with the power removed.

8-Point Electronic Compass

Cobra XRS 9670 compass

The XRS 9670 detector includes an internal 8-point Compass that will continuously

display your current direction of travel: N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W or NW.

Before using it for the first time, you must calibrate the compass to provide accurate indications of direction.

Calibration allows the compass electronics to measure and store information about the magnetic fields generated by your vehicle. The compass will remain accurately calibrated as long as your detector is mounted in the same place in your vehicle. If you change the location where the unit is mounted or move it to another vehicle, you must recalibrate the compass.

The compass temporarily may not provide accurate readings if you are inside a building or enclosure, or are close to a large metal tractor/trailer, truck, or train. Once you are away from such a location, the compass will work correctly again.

Note: When the instructions direct you to drive in two circles, a large parking lot is the most convenient place to do so. It does not matter what direction your vehicle is pointing when you start the circles, which direction you go to make the circles, and it does not have to be exactly two circles. You do NOT have to make perfect circles. You can drive in any pattern, as long as you make two complete turns. Four three-point turns, two small squares, or any two complete loops will work as well as two circles. It does not matter what size the circles are, if your speed is constant, or how fast you make the circles [but less than two minutes]. Please be careful when making the circles and watch for other traffic.

EasySet Programming

We now continue with the Cobra XRS 9670 review by focusing on areas that you can program.

All user mode settings on your detector can be changed by using Program mode. When changing the settings, please keep this in mind:

  • Buttons can have multiple functions.
  • All settings will be stored in memory when the power is turned Off and recalled when the power is turned back On.

Cobra XRS 9670 EasySet Programming


What Happens When a Signal is Detected?

When a signal is detected, a text display will show the type of signals being detected (this will not work under dim mode); you will also see from one to five vertical bars, indicating the strength of the signal detected.

A distinctly different Alert tone will also be heard for each type of signal detected (including separate tones for each laser signal). For X, K, Ka and Ku band radar signals, the tones will repeat faster as you approach the signal source. The repeat rate of the tones gives you useful information about the signal detected.

Cobra XRS 9670 Responding to Alerts


Mounting the Radar Detector

For best performance, you should mount your radar detector at a point approximately in the center of the vehicle, as low as possible on the front windshield without obstructing the unit’s view of the road either to the front or rear. You can also mount it directly on the dashboard.

When mounting, you need to ensure that the unit’s lens must not be blocked and the LaserEye should have a clear view out the back window to allow 360° detection.

Is Radar Detector Legal?

In Most States YES.

Laser-Radar detectors are legal in every state (except Virginia and Washington, D.C., which have local regulations restricting the use of radar receivers in any vehicle) when used in automobiles or light trucks (under 10,000 lbs.).

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) issued a regulation, effective January, 1994 which prohibits radar and laser detector use in vehicles over 10,000 lbs. Prior to the FHWA regulation, laws existed in New York restricting the use of radar detectors in trucks over 18,000 lbs. and in Illinois in trucks over 26,000 lbs.

What’s in the Box

Cobra XRS 9670 Radar Detector, Suction-Cup Mount Windshield Bracket Kit, Coiled Power Cord, Documentation


1.26 (Length) x 2.96 (Width) x 4.54 inches (Height)

Cobra XRS 9670 Review – Customer Review

At the time of this writing, the rating for the Cobra XRS 9670 stands at 3.9 out of 5 stars which is a satisfactory rating.


  • Easy usage
  • Ultra compact design
  • Improved range
  • 360 degree detection
  • Detects all radar and laser signals
  • DigiView text display
  • Volume control
  • Compass
  • Digital signal strength meter
  • IntelliMute
  • AutoMute
  • 1 year warranty



From our experience, the Cobra XRS 9570 is not as good as what Cobra claims. Although the device can detect all signals used by the cops in US, it doesn’t perform up to the par. Additionally, the device is very annoying with X band alert coming on and off, a total put of considering the amount of false alerts.

True, not all radar detectors can totally filter out false alerts, but the frequency of its occurrence is just too much. The IntelliShield false signal rejection doesn’t seem to work and if you are planning to get one, better go for the Cobra XRS9570 as this features doesn’t seem to work here; why pay extra for something that doesn’t work?

If you are looking around this price range, I would recommend going for the Whistler CR85. Whistler is known for making decent radar detector.

On the other hand, if you have a higher budget, then go for Escort Passport 8500X50 which is a lot more quiet and effective.

If you are unsure which radar detector to buy, check out our Radar Detector Buying Guide which spells out clearly how and what you should look for when selecting a radar detector.

Remember, buying a radar detector is just like investment; just a couple saves from the cops and you have made all your money back. Hence, I always advise people to invest in a good quality radar detector because in the long term, you would have saved a lot of money.

End of Cobra XRS 9670 review.

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