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If you are looking for peace of mind and total protection from radar detection while on the road, the Cobra XRS 9470 will be a great choice.

With its Xtreme Range Superheterodyne technology, you are assured of long range dectection (giving you plenty of time to react) including POP mode radar gun detection.

In this article, we’ll looking at Cobra XRS 9470 review, including its pros and cons, customer ratings and what are they saying about this radar detector from Cobra.

Cobra XRS 9470 review





Cobra XRS 9470 Review – Features

Xtreme Range Superheterodyne

Cobra XRS 9470 Radar Detector

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With this technology, you’ll be instantly alerted whenever radar is detected and will have plenty of time to react.

The normal range of detection is approximately 2 miles and this is on a flat and open landscape. If there are hills and curves or other things blocking the signal, the range will be shorter. Hence, if you are approaching any hills or curves and then full alert is heard, take immediate action to slow down as the law enforcement officer may be just around the corner or on the other side of the hill.

Radar & Laser Detection

Cobra Radar XRS 9470 Review

The Cobra XRS 9470 will be able to detect 14 types of signals including radar signals (X, K, Ka and Ku bands, with signal strength indicated), laser signals, safety alert signals, VG-2 signals and Spectre I & IV+ signals. It is also capable of detecting radar guns with “instant-on” speed monitoring capabilities.

Besides detecting signals, you also have the option to show which signals are being detected. For example, you can set whether to show the X, K or Ku bands. The benefit of this option is reduction in false alerts as you will be only see whatever radar you’ve set to display.

The factory settings are: X Band and K Band On; Ku Band Off.

Note: For details on how to select a radar detector, read about our Radar Detector Guide.

Voice Alert

Cobra 9470 Amazon

Once any radar or laser is detected, a voice alert will be heard to warn you of the danger ahead. You can adjust volume of the voice alert to your likeness. Alternatively, you can also connect to an external speaker to give you louder volume whenever any signal is detected. However, do keep the volume low as you may get a ‘shock’ if you set the volume too high when a signal is detected.

The voice alert can be set to a voice or a tone, the option is up to you. In the voice alert mode, several tones will be heard first and followed by a voice message announcing the type of signal detected. As for the tone alert mode, you’ll only hear the tone and no announcing message will be heard.

My personal preference is to set it to voice setting as I want to know the type of signal being detected. Doing so will also help to keep me from looking at the radar detector to know the signal being detected and hence help me to focus more on the road.

Regardless if you set it to voice alert or tone alert, whenever a signal is detected, a distinctly different alert tone is used for each type of signal detected.

For radar signals such as X, K, Ka and Ku band, the tones will repeat faster as you approach the signal source. The repeat rate of the tones gives you useful information about the signal detected. As you hear the alert tone, the UltraBright data display on the radar detector will also indicate the type of signal being detected. Besides showing the type of signal detected, a number will also appear which indicate the strength of the signal.

For example, if a pop signal is detected, the letter P will appear and if laser is detected, the letter L will appear.

Laser Eye 

The laser of the Cobra XRS 9470 is able to provide 360˚ detection of laser signals. What this simply means is that it can detect signal from front and rear of the vehicle.

Spectre I and VG-2 Undetectable

Cobra 14 band XRS 9470

The Cobra XRS 9470 is stealth as it cannot be detected by police Spectre 1 and VG-2 radar detector detectors; in other words, the police will not know if you have a radar detector in your vehicle.

However, if the police is using Spectre IV+ RDDs, they will know you have a radar detector in your vehicle.

You can choose whether you want to be alerted to VG-2 and Spectre I & IV+ RDD signals. The factory setting for VG-2 and Spectre I & IV+ alerts is Off. During VG-2 or Spectre I or IV+ alerts, the letter V will appear. It will be steady during VG-2 and blink during Spectre I or IV+.

Auto Mute & Manual Mute 

We now continue the Cobra XRS 9470 review on how to deal with the alert from the radar detector.

Once a signal is detected, the auto mute function will kick in and will reduce the volume of the alert audio after 4 seconds the signal is detected.

Alternatively, you can manually mute any audio by pressing the mute button. Pressing the mute button again will bring back the alert audio.

Cobra XRS 9470 Review – IntelliMute

When you are driving slowly and does not need to be alerted for any signal, the IntelliMute will work by sensing the “revs” (RPMs) of your engine, IntelliMute knows when you are driving at low speed and will automatically mute alerts (except for strobe signals from emergency vehicles).

Do keep in mind that you need to set the activation point of your engine’s revs in order for the IntelliMute to work. For some vehicles, if the Cobra XRS 9470 cannot sense the engine’s revs, the IntelliMute will not work. Under such driving scenario, you are advised to use Auto Mute and City Mode to reduce the number of unwanted alerts.

If you are using a different vehicle, you need to reset the rev point again and when you first set the activation point, it is best to set 300 to 600 RPMs above the idle point.

IntelliMute Pro

The IntelliMute feature is to prevent any alert being heard when driving at low speed whereas the Intellimute Pro will prevent detection by radar detector detectors (RDDs)  such as VG-2, Spectre I and Spectre IV+ when driving a slow speed.

Just like the intellimute, you also need to set the activation point for this feature; do bear in mind that this function is only for used by experience users only.

Ultra Bright Data Display 

Cobra Electronics XRS 9470

The XRS 9470 features a brilliant display that provides easy recognition of band detected using simple band identification icons. Besides showing the type of signals detected, the strength of the signal will also be displayed using a 5-level digital signal strength meter.

You can set the display brightness to three different level – bright, dim and dark. Under dark setting, no display will be visually seen, and you’ll only hear the voice or tone alert. The factory setting is Bright.


Safety Alert

Cobra XRS-9470 radar laser detector

This is new feature and is not common is all states. Under this feature, the XRS 9470 will warn of you any surrounding emergency vehicles, railroad crossing and road hazard locations equipped with Cobra’s exclusive Safety Alert transmitters.

When the safety alert is detected, the letter S will appear on the device.

City/Highway Modes

Perhaps the most annoying thing about radar detector is the occurrence of false alerts and I know I hate them.

With today’s advance technology, many sources can cause false alerts i.e. microwave signals, automatic door openers, security systems and cell phone towers. But with XRS 9470’s city/highway modes, these false alarm can be reduced to a minimum level.

When driving around the city or densely populated areas, the chances of getting false alerts are high. Here it is advisable to set your radar detector to City mode as this will delay all X band alert until the signal strength reaches Level 3. Setting to city mode will also reduce the occurrence of false alerts.

The factory setting is Highway mode. If you are driving on the highway, setting it to highway mode will set the device for maximum range detection. If you still keep it at City mode while driving on highway, the detection range will not reach the full potential.


The best place to mount the Cobra XRS 9470 is the center of the vehicle and as low as possible on the front windshield without obstructing the unit’s view of the road either to the front or rear. Make sure the unit is level with the road. You can also mount it directly on the dashboard. Make sure that the device’s lens is not blocked and the LaserEye should have a clear view out the back window to allow 360° detection.

Getting Started

When you plug the radar detector to the cigarette lighter, make sure that the power is off when the engine is switched off. Some users are caught by this as their vehicles do not shut off power automatically when the engine is off. Under such scenario, you’ll need to unplugged the Cobra XRS 9470 manually from the power source.

If your vehicle can cut off the power automatically once the engine is off, you will not have this problem.

Note: When using the radar detector for the first time, make sure to check if the XRS 9470 is on or off once you switch off the engine.

Is it Legal to Own a Radar Detector? 

It is not against federal law to receive radar transmissions with your Cobra radar/laser detector. The Communications Act of 1924 guarantees your right to receive radio transmissions on any frequency. Local laws that contravene this Act, while illegal, may be enforced by your local law enforcement officials until and unless they are prohibited from doing so by federal court action.

Theft Alert

Before leaving your vehicle, always remember to conceal your radar detector in order to reduce the possibility of break-in and theft.

What’s in the Box?

The packaging comes with Cobra XRS 9470 radar detector, suction-cup mount, windshield bracket kit, coiled power cord and manual.


The Cobra XRS 9470 measures 4.15″ (H) x 2.83″ (W) x 1.33″ (L), it is small and compact and will not block any view when placed in the vehicle. It is also light, weighing only 0.32 lbs.

Cobra XRS 9470 Review – Customer Review

The Cobra XRS 9470 has a fairly good rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars.

For most customers, the device does exactly what it described and had save many of them from speeding tickets.

However, some are complaining it being too sensitive and picking up many signals; on the other hand, there are others who complained the unit not working – quite a contract from the earlier group.


  • Easy usage
  • Ability to detect 14 signals
  • Stealth mode from radar detector detectors
  • Quick and far detection
  • Value for money
  • UltraBright display for easy reading and setting
  • City/Highway modes
  • One year warranty


  • No GPS
  • No red light camera and speed camera  database
  • No online community / smartphone app for instant updates
  • No overspeed alert
  • Very sensitive and picks up everything


When it comes to value for money, the Cobra XRS 9470 is worth every single penny you pay for. With just a few saves from speeding tickets, all your investment is already paid for. The price is perhaps the biggest advantage of this device as most people will be able to afford it.

In terms of performance, the device does what it is suppose to although some people complained that it is quite sensitive and picks up every signals. Another extreme that people are not satisfied with, is the device’s inability to pick up signals until it is too late – they are already busted.

Regardless of whether it is too sensitive or not working at all, many people still find the Cobra XRS 9470 very useful and help to prevent them from getting speeding tickets.

If you have a higher budget, you should consider getting the Escort Passport 8500X50 radar detector as it has great detection range and is more effective in reducing false alerts.

If you need a device that provides the earliest warnings possible and a full suite of additional features (such as Bluetooth connectivity and smartphone compatibility), then you’ll need to invest in a high-end brand i.e. Escort Passport Max2 or Escort Passport 9500ix GPS radar detector.

Regardless of how good is a radar detector, if the police is following behind you and he is not using any radar gun, you will still get a ticket if you are speeding.

End of Cobra XRS 9470 review.

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Cobra XRS 9470 specs

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