How GPS Works

How GPS Works

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The Global positioning system (GPS) is developed by the U.S. military consisting of 24 orbiting satellites.

If you look at the sky, you may see some of these satellites. As a matter of fact, there are at least four satellites visible at any […]

How Speed Cameras Work

How speed cameras work

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There are several types of fixed position speed cameras used, including radar, laser, induction-loop and photo-based.

Radar and laser based cameras are typically mounted near the road and transmit a short range signal across the lanes monitored. Since this signal is transmitted […]

Whistler Radar Detector | Whistler Radar Detector Reviews | Best Whistler Radar Detector

Whistler CR85 Radar Detector

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Looking for Whistler radar detector?

We have the solution for you.

In the Whistler Radar Detector table below, you’ll two of the best-selling models from Whistler, the CR90 and CR85.

For detail info and review on any of these radar detectors, simply click on ‘Click here for full review.’


How Red Light Camera Works

How red light camera works






If you have been caught by red light cameras, it is about time you learn how it works. Even if you’ve never been caught, it is good to understand how red light camera works.

How Red Light Camera Works

Red light cameras use three basic things: a camera, a […]

How Traffic Sensor Rejection (TSR) Works

How TSR works










How TSR Works

The traffic sensor system is becoming more and more common to monitor traffic on the road.

These systems, which are becoming more widely used in several countries, generate K band signals to measure the flow of traffic […]

How POP Works

How POP Works









When you get an alert for ‘POP’ signal, you need to react immediately and slow down. After understanding how POP works as stated below, you’ll understand the reason behind this rationale.

POP works by transmitting an extremely short burst, within the allocated […]

How Laser Works

How Laser Works


If you are wondering how laser works, we have the answer for you in the article below.

How Laser Works

Laser speed detection is actually light detection and ranging (LIDAR). Laser guns project a beam of invisible infrared light. The signal is a series of very short infrared light […]

Passport Max2 vs Passport Max

Passport Max2 vs Passport Max


Escort Passport Max2

If you wondering what is the difference between the newer version of Passport Max2 and the Passport Max, let me tell you this:-

For the Passport Max, you’ll need to purchase a separate SmatCord in order to connect with your smartphone (using bluetooth technology ) […]

How Radar Works

How Laser Works

In this article, we’ll focus on how radar works for the law enforcement officer. By having a better understanding of how the radar works, this will give you a better understanding on how your radar detector works.

Traffic radar, which consists of microwaves, travels in straight lines and is easily reflected by objects such […]

The Dos and Donts of Using a Radar Detector

Escort 8500X50


Generally, with a radar detector, the chance of you getting a speeding ticket is reduced but it is not 100 percent foolproof; also take not that radar detectors are illegal in certain areas and can result in a fine or confiscation of device. Currently, radar detectors are illegal […]

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