Escort Solo S3 Review | Solo S3 Radar Detector Review

Escort S3 radar detector review

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If you want the convenient of a portable radar detector and protection from police enforcement officer, the Escort Solo S3 will be the perfect choice.

In this article, we will be looking at the Escort Solo S3 review, its features, the pros and cons, […]

How Laser Works

How Laser Works

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If you are wondering how laser works, we have the answer for you in the article below.

How Laser Works

Laser speed detection is actually light detection and ranging (LIDAR). Laser guns project a beam of invisible infrared light. The signal is a […]

Cobra XRS 9470 Review | Cobra Radar XRS 9470 Review

Cobra XRS 9470 review

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If you are looking for peace of mind and total protection from radar detection while on the road, the Cobra XRS 9470 will be a great choice.

With its Xtreme Range Superheterodyne technology, you are assured of long range dectection (giving you plenty of […]

Passport Max2 vs Passport Max

Passport Max2 vs Passport Max


Escort Passport Max2

If you wondering what is the difference between the newer version of Passport Max2 and the Passport Max, let me tell you this:-

For the Passport Max, you’ll need to purchase a separate SmatCord in order to connect with your smartphone (using bluetooth technology ) […]

Escort Passport Max Review

Escort Passport Max review

If you’ve have been slapped with a speeding ticket, you know how it feels and it is not good at all. You were probably thinking “I was only doing xxxx and I get a ticket for this?

Well, there is a way to reduce dramatically your chances of getting a speeding ticket and that […]

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