How Radar Works

How Laser Works

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In this article, we’ll focus on how radar works for the law enforcement officer. By having a better understanding of how the radar works, this will give you a better understanding on how your radar detector works.

Traffic radar, which consists of microwaves, travels in straight lines and […]

Escort Passport Max 2 Review

Escort Passport Max 2 review

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If you are looking for the ultimate radar detector, check out the Escort Passport Max 2, the first and only radar detector which offers high-definition (HD) performance and great accuracy.

The Passport Max 2 offers great range for detection, built-in Bluetooth technology and real-time network which allows you […]

Whistler CR90 Review

Whistler CR90 laser radar detector review

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The Whistler CR90 signifies a new era for Whistler as they begin to offer GPS-enabled radar detector to customers.

With great features i.e. the ability to detect all radar and laser used by law enforcement officer in U.S, great blue OLED display, clear voice […]

The Dos and Donts of Using a Radar Detector

Escort 8500X50


Generally, with a radar detector, the chance of you getting a speeding ticket is reduced but it is not 100 percent foolproof; also take not that radar detectors are illegal in certain areas and can result in a fine or confiscation of device. Currently, radar detectors are illegal […]

Installing Radar Detector | How to Install a Radar Detector

Radar Detector Reviews

            Radar detectors are typically placed on or above the dashboard facing forward with a clear line of sight out the front windshield. Most radar detectors come with suction cup mounting brackets so the unit can be mounted and dismounted to different locations. Many states (such as Minnesota and California) […]

Cobra XRS 9745 Review | Cobra XRS 9745 Radar Laser Detector Review

XRS 9745 review




If you want protection against law enforcement while driving, the XRS 9745 is more that adequate in doing the job. With Xtreme Range, the ability to detect 15 radar/laser bands and Superheterodyne Technology, you’ll be warned well in advance to all the signals used by law enforcement agency in the US […]

Escort Passport 8500 X50 Reviews | Passport 8500 X50 REview

Escort 8500X50




The Escort Passport 8500 X50 may not be new in the market; however when it was first launched, it was labeled as the most advanced high performance radar/laser detector on the market.

With great features, like the ability to detect various radars, instant-on POP and laser signals, extreme long range […]

Escort Passport 9500ix Review | Escort 9500ix Review






Welcome to the world’s most intelligent radar and laser detector – the Escort Passport 9500ix. With the ability to detect all kinds of radar used by the law enforcement i.e. X, K, Ka and Ku, instant POP and laser, you are well protected whether you are driving on highway […]

Cobra XRS 9370 Review | Cobra Radar XRS 9370 Review

XRS 9370 review




  With small and compact design, the Cobra XRS 9370 high performance radar/laser detector with 360 degree protection will give you complete protection when you are on the road and valuable peace of mind.

With advance technology that can detect a variety of radars and laser, bright data display, knowledge on the […]

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